$ 575.00

You know we love products that can be used for multiple purposes...and our newest product addition is brilliant!  Our 30" X 20" Backgammon Tray can be used for game play, and when not in use can be displayed as a attractive coffee table or ottoman tray.  Our use of decorative inserts lets you decide.  One one side you'll find a backgammon play board complete with Dot Fan pattern ...and on the other our popular Palm pattern.  Our trays are made in Vietnam by the same craftspeople that create our lacquerware trays and table.  Each set comes with 2 handmade two-sided tray inserts, 30 handmade playing pieces (15 in the color of the tray, 15 in the color of the insert), 2 matte lacquerware piece and dice boxes, (4)dice and (1) doubling cube.  QUANTITIES ARE VERY LIMITED.